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Got my new little helpers!


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1 hour ago, white van man said:

Great morning Kev. Kids were keen today. I was happy with how Dot worked. Sorry mate but had to jump in the hedge one last time! 




Yeah I've still got numb hands and picked out a few thorns .... bloody slackers lol...

Hope you didn't break a nail though Beth...lol

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3 hours ago, NEWKID said:


Fin got a face full of bramble today jumping in after a rabbit ...plus it kicked the net as he got there...not a happy 15 year old!! Lol

Hes been out since he could walk pretty much,

any swearing ..

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43 minutes ago, jpt said:

There you go mate, that will be £50! Lol


Cant wait till my lads are old enough to come out with me!

All the best


Cracking mate..cheers...cheques in the post..👍🤣

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1 hour ago, maxwell said:

How old is to old me and my mate are 64 and still at it

Very tongue in cheek mate...never too old...at least I hope not.... ill still be at it at 64..if I can! Lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

Great stuff. How old are your kids lads? Had my lad out a couple of times but he's not quite there yet, gets bored too quickly and sulks in     the landy till his Mam comes to get him! Think i need to do some short sessions just him and me.

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