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Toby/Pockets lines

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1 hour ago, Dan McGrew said:

In no way do I condone thieving of any kind, nor would I mix with the likes. I don't know what went on in this case but am I right in saying these lads bought terriers off those lads in the first place. Point is, did they do so knowing the type they were dealing with and did they make sure what they were buying wasn't stolen in the first place. If all was above board you gotta feel sorry for the lads but the saying "When you lie with dogs you get fleas" springs to mind!

I dont no what went on either Id say they probably bought them as pups of him because the mother and father were'nt robbed.

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On 11/12/2020 at 16:08, chesney said:

I not sure to be honest allymoore i heard there was a dog called mick was her father then it was supposed to be a brother of that dog called emo or some name like that iv never heard a word uttered the mother that bitch. Then there was another ped made up for her ssying she was of a dog called jack and sister this mick dog. Good bitch to dig in fairness from what i see of her and produced a few workers aswell.

Was it Nemo Chesney, cm had him 

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