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Only use mine for spotting but find the onboard ir is good enough for me. In the main rabbits etc, have watched a fox at 230yrds/meters wandering down a hedge line clear as a bell. Can see rabbits hopping around 180-200 - further than I’m shooting. They (as I imagine all night visions/thermals) do take a bit of playing with, have a mess with the ir focus thingy, pulling back opens the beam, pulling out narrows the beam.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 

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2 hours ago, David.evans said:

What range you out to Rob , makes a big difference in what you get , have you bought new or the older model reason I ask is the ir 

lve a srx on mine and easy 350 have to be a laser as well mate 



New one mate. Ideally want a good pic out to 250

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Just sold my 008 lrf plus. Good bit of kit. But would definitely say my original standard 008 has better clarity than new oled screen. If using at cf ranges another ir will be needed. I used my dragon fly ir. To be fair only sold it as I upgraded to drone which is a whole different level

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On 26/11/2020 at 17:52, David.evans said:


the wraith has a dimmer switch that is far better than the srx 

I can be turned down to fec all if needed and is very handy 

My solaris srx has a dimmer switch

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