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3 minutes ago, smithie said:

No I have not but. Try a friends if you can before you spend. 

You spend shite you get shite as i found out lol.

Yes definitely it isn’t for the size of our fields. Just handy so you can see abit further away then a lamp. And no one can see you lol 

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Shite and with all the HIK range the non removable battery means it will need replacing at some point for sure, either inside warranty or definitely outside warranty costing £. 

Save your pennies for a Helion 2 XQ or Axion

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I've got a 15mm.

Bought it for lamping with my whippets and spotting squirrels daytime for air rifle.

It's....ok....but I wish I had had another grand to spend. 

It'll spot you things but I can't identify much without using my intuition. For the smaller fields I run on its...ok. I'd rather have it than not, saves pissing around with a red filter.

I've only had it a month, but I'm already saving for something better, figure I'll lose a hundred quid on it when I sell, so quite happy to have it for time being.

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On 24/10/2020 at 21:27, smithie said:

I have one and its pants.. save your money 


15mm Might be ok but I think you need to spend 1500 ish..

I've got the 15mm

It's ok. With intuition you can tell what your looking at.

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13 hours ago, Suffolkpest said:

Good point (hadn't thought about that). 

The Guide Nano N2 is pretty good for similar money.. as it's no frills, video output port, has a larger 25mm "focusable" lens and 400 resolution sensor..

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