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End of the ferret finder?

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This is part of a conversation I had yesterday with a friend. 

I bought 3 collars and 1 unit with 1 collar of ebay from uk so I'm good but thz anyway still hasn't arrived yet
Ferret Netting & Equipment Australia
Yes I know that you said that you would try and get some. I couldn't believe how hard it was to get any. When I contacted a company they had 78 sets plus a lot of collars. By the time a wholesale account was set-up they had 34 sets left and no single collars left. I was lucky to be able to get what I did.
Les told me there is a new one being developed as we speak supposedly a better unit
not by Deben
there is metion of it on his fb page as well
Ferret Netting & Equipment Australia
I know I have already secured exclusive distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand. It is going to be exciting its been in the works for a while now
think I will be right for awhile only bought the new one as a back up don't use them that often but they are handy when ferreting diggable ground and heavy cover. Good luck with the venture, I have been offered to be a distributor for a few different things over the years but that's not my game. I've been promoting this sport for quite awhile.
I'll point any questions about supply in your direction and have been already.
Ferret Netting & Equipment Australia
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That happen's  to us all Don ! my three Lads never missed a chance to go Rabbiting but as soon as they got a sniff of Fanny   they were off

Thought I would get some more while I can.

well i think its a good thing that a ferreting and rabbiting chap has got the rights to sell them....good luck to les..

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On ‎14‎/‎10‎/‎2020 at 16:24, maxwell said:

Should start a page / stickie  on here for anyone who has any tips or information  that would help someone fix their own mk1 or mk3, also for any links where you can obtain spare parts to replace any that are broken.

With the old mk1 all you needed was the collar and you then tuned an old pocket radio to the collar,it was a case of marking the depth on the radio dial with a little trial and error.

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