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Foodies Of The Massive; My Curry?

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Am I missing anything obvious, please? Dunno. I just have this niggling hunch that I could be.

My curry consists of spud, chopped into bite sized bits. Chopped onion. A grated carrot. Cubed beef. Curry powder. I do it ~ as I am as I type this ~ in my Electric Pressure Cooker.

Is there any other, dead basic, ingredient I've over looked? For the record; I can't stand mushrooms or ginger. Just to get that out the way. And I'm not looking for, " A Bay leaf. " Or, " A pinch of cardamom. " I'm talking about any other 'bulk' thing I might chuck in there. Maybe none exists?

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That's a very basic curry ,no chillies ,tomatoes ,spice ,herbs ,Pakistani pubic hairs ?

Oh, you poor, miserable fukkas!!! You weren't here, tonight, to help me get amongst These!!! Al' Rocks!  Nuff fukking said!!!

Oh; Dear Fukking God!!! Sorry. I Know I said I'd put a shot on 'What's Cooking'. But, why break from This thread, to show what amounts to the Culmination of all this? I tried to take a grea

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Any meat or veg can be "curried", and, of course, curries vary greatly through out the world.

A "Chinese" curry here in the U.K. bares no resemblance to a curry in China ! 

Same as an "Indian " curry; India is such a divers place it has many, many curries.

I remember a great Indian chef in the Middle East who made fantastic curries, but when veg curry was on the menu, I loved his potato and cauliflower curry, but his spinach curry would make me wretch !

Some of the great curries have a lot of "heat", others have none. 

We must remember that "currying" meat or fish was origionaly meant to make the ingredients last, or disguise the taste of things that were "on the turn" !

Curry pots never went empty, or off the heat, they just kept being topped up !

I love a "ruby", my missus makes her own curry powders and I supply the garlic, chilli's, coriander, etc from the allotment, and if I get the chance, the meat or fish .


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Shoulder of bat and leg of toad & head of squirrel.

As you’re cooking, keep your goal in the back of your mind. The better you can do this, the more infused your cooking will be with the magic.

Always stir clockwise (or deosil )as this is good luck!

Never stir with a knife – this is considered very bad luck.

You might want to make up a short incantation to recite or song to sing as you stir…

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sounds like your missing paprica  garlic flakes  chilli powder  cumin and  turmeric  ,,,, and  chuck a splash of that over your meat brown it off with added onion  before you put it in the slow cooker  chuck a tin of chopped tomatoes and a chopped pepper or 2 in it as well ...  chuck some tinned beans in it to bulk  it up red ,chilli , or pinto beans , chopped leak will go in it ,

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very plain, I would never stick that on a plate, my mrs would make me wear it, try bulking it out a bit with some pulses, red lentils will break down and act as a nice thickener and don`t be afraid of shoving extra spices in, and definately forget about pinches of stuff, i cook for 2 and pretty much every spice is  minimum 1/2 teaspoon except for chilli powder, I use more ginger for heat as it warms the back of your mouth up rather than sending your whole mouth numb (keep a bit in the freezer and when needed just grate it straight into your meal)

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Worcestershire Sauce is a definite yes. Have it in my cupboard. Always used to slop half a dozen shots into my chilli. Simply forgot it existed!

And Red Lentils are now going on my shopping list. I was specifically wanting to know how to thicken it. See, I use a dash of water, to mix the powder in trying to get better 'coverage'? But, so much as a teaspoon just remains fukking water! I get a very watery based curry and am eager to remedy that.

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Balaur; My sister told me to use that. This was back in the days when I'd most likely have been trying a Slow Cooker.

" make sure you bring it to the boil before adding more " ??? I really need some more precise clarification on what, exactly, you're saying here, please. Bring what, exactly, to the boil? Corn flour, or curry as a whole?

Have you any experience with these EPC's? Fukking fantastic pieces of kit! Just an occasional matter of sussing out the exact preferences for something as finicky as this :)

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Garam masala has not been mentioned, I use that in a curry with most other thing that has been mentioned. Also a Maris Piper potato cubed up as the break down and will thicken a curry.

Cheers Arry

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