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Lurchers and Thermal

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I got to page 7 then jumped to the this page did I miss anything?

Treating foxes has sporting animals has been forgotten, that's why it's called hunting and not killing.what pleasure anyone can get out of shooting a fox or rabbit that can't see you is beyond me,shot

when I was a partridge keeper I used to do ten thousand a year and partridges are in and out the pen in about 12 hours, if you not on your game fox wise your stuffed, I am still on the same land with

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Using the pulsar xm30 myself, game changer really where rabbits are lamp shy. Means you don't have to scan lamp for eyes, you can see exactly what else in on the land (and who else). Takes the dogs a few goes to understand how it works as they're left in the dark but my pup watches my hands to see if I'm lifting the thermal or the lamp so he mentally preps himself for a run when he sees the lamp come up.

Draws far less attention, handy if poaching but even on permission the less neighbouring houses see the better. I've not had to charge my lamp for about 12 outings now as you hardly need to use it. Really handy bit of kit, we also use for deer stalking in the woods.

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