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Make your own boilies....

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Anyone do it?

I've got a sausage gun and small rolling table coming. Thought I would give it a go see what the results were like. From what I've read you can make em for bout 3quid a kilo, bit of an improvement on 10/12quid. 

Not actually doing it for the money though, more so I can have a play about with flavours and strengths, colours etc rather than just the standard off the shelf stuff.

If anyone is into it and has any pointers would be good. Pitfalls to avoid. Any recepies that have or haven't worked etc.👍

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Used to make shit loads years ago. like Waz said used to stink the house out remember i had some squid and octopus flavor i ended digging a hole in the garden and putting a plastic pipe with a stopper on it the smell was something else. caught loads on it though. All i make now is some of my hook baits

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Boilie making has become somewhat of a science over the years but you can make it as hard or as easy as you want.

I've caught on a simple 50/50 mix (soya flour/semolina) but it is not particularly nutritional for the fish, you can add what ever you want but will find things like EMP or ground hemp will make the base mix coarser and harder to roll with small baits. A cheap mix of 30% soya, 30% semolina, 30% trout pellet dust and 10% milk powder would be a good start and if bought in bulk will work out a lot less than £3 a kilo.

Three bits of advice try to keep to the correct dosage on flavours to start as I've found overdosing can put fish off, there is no perfect catch every fish in the lake boilie, and make sure the boilies are in a air tight sealed bag in the freezer or you'll be eating tutti fruti flavoured waffles and sausages for months !    



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There are a few groups on Facebook for people who make their own Boilies.Some very knowledgeable people in the group who are happy to help with any questions regards ingredients.
I make my own hookbaits but buy my Boilies from DNA baits.Good quality bait and only around £6/kilo if you buy in bulk.

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