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Entry to property rights Ireland

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Well guys as the title says I was just looking to see would anyone on here know the  following. 

Can a dog warden enter your property on his own .For instance climb gates /fencing etc. to look at dogs.?

IF the warden is accompanied by guards can they enter without permission?

Who has d authority to enter your property without permission?

I'm not asking as if I'm doing anything I shouldn't be [ maybe ive a few more bitches than I should  ] but some information for people in general would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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The Animal Health and Welfare Act Section 38, 39 and 40 contain details of the powers of dog wardens and the Garda.

They seem to have a lot of powers to enter a premises if they suspect there is a breach of the Act.

They don't seem to have the same powers to enter your house.

Have a read through see how you get on.

I hope this helps

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If you read through county council websites, it tells you the powers they have. 
One thing for sure, if they want to come in a left a dog, get the garda to come and witness what the warden is doing. If you have a few more bitches then normal, just get split the licence in your name and someone else’s name in the house(that’s if you have a number on your house). 

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I think their powers seem to be in relation to animal welfare rather than licences.

Also the legislation seems to distinguish between premises and dwelling.

They can enter premises, but they have to be invited or have a warrant to enter a dwelling. Bring the dog into the house???

They also seem to be able to bring someone to assist them. I presume this is the ISPCA?


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