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wheaten x pups

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Mushroom I had Trev's sister had her pts 29th may this year liver cancer 11 half she was 12 in August it really destroyed me letting her go Chris bred real quality in that litter always remember walking back to the car with her 7 weeks old me mate said it looks like a lion cub there were a few on here had pups simoman,bobhope

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9 hour round trip, collected my dog pup today. The fella is a gentleman, pot of tea and sandwiches waiting! Spent a good 2 hours talking! Cheers mate!

Dddc is right. A genuine man. Pups were finished well and well socialised. Offered us a pot of tea aswell. 👍 REBEL:  

The wheaton cross isn't a new thing they've been about a long time.  Litter I had 25 years ago and they were about long before that. 

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16 minutes ago, dogmandont said:

If I was after a pup I'd be at your door this evening jigsaw. 

youd have wasted your time ,my mate has them lol ..hes not on computers ..hes done em well


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4 hours ago, moonlighter said:

The dam has some neck and shoulders on here.. lovely looking bitch 

+2, and the sire very nice dog as well, cracking pups   these will be , and tested parents , should go like hot cakes , . Regards Mushroom  lol,  i went to a lurcher show years ago , didnt tell me wife where  was going that day, we hadnt spoke for  5 days had bust up over me not helping her doing jobs in the house cleaning  lol,  came back with a lurcher x lurcher bitch pup , bit of collie, whippet, think bit of wheaten, she looked like a brindle greyhound  25in,  she was great bitch , took few hares in the day, mull foxes no prob, rabbits, great lamp dog, so drop of wheaten in a lurcher deff good mix i reckon , more so from proven parents .

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2 hours ago, jigsaw said:

he told me last night ,hes not letting them go till they get the parvo jab at 6 weeks ,then their available ....their 5 weeks old now 

Out of curiosity, do many let pups go younger than 6 weeks? Always prefer mine a bit older but maybe makes little difference

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19 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

Out of curiosity, do many let pups go younger than 6 weeks? Always prefer mine a bit older but maybe makes little difference

their going from 7 weeks on,their eating since 3 weeks old ,and are very active ,the sooner they go to their new owners the better,they get one to one attention then.

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1 minute ago, lurchers said:

When you look years ago everyone used to get pups at 6wks old and jabs at the same age and 2nd jab at 8wks,now it’s 8wks when you get ya pup and jabbed then the 2nd jab 10wks.

And they have to be micro chipped as well before sale it was made law f**k knows why I’d much prefer a pup at 6-7weeks old tbh 

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I’ve never gave a puppy 2 jabs, just the 1 does fine, and tbh I’m not even sure they need that.

I don’t get them chipped till they’re a year old as well, had a pup chipped at 8 weeks good few years ago and the chip migrated right round to the joint behind his front leg caused a bit of a problem. 

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