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Back up at the shoot

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35 minutes ago, FOXHUNTER said:

It was a great afternoon,  we put in a lot of miles so thoroughly deserved the roe doe.

 It was a pity those fallow weren't standing in a safe position but nice to see. One day my luck will change and we will get one? Thanks again for the invit. ?

@Ianm if you need a hand with the fallow just give us a shout ?

You won't like my stalking. ?

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Up at the shoot first thing this morning, bird scare tape up around the pens, elec fences on and tested, water on and drinkers tested and adjusted, water butts filled again over the piggeries, I had l

Well our first shoot of the year went well. It was cold but dry and a bit of sun appeared. Bag was 122 head comprising of 57 duck 56 pheasant 7 partridge and 2 pigeon. My own contribution wa

It’s been frosty the last couple of mornings, it’s very welcome , hopefully it will kill a few bugs . Unfortunately the Maize and cover crops don’t like it and they will soon be unviable as a drive .

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1 minute ago, Stavross said:

I checked my step thing on my phone and it said we did 8.6 miles, I’m out with Longshanx this afternoon, with a bit of luck it won’t be another 8 miles



I knew it was a good walk but 8.6 miles ? Hopefully you will have a good afternoon ?

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37 minutes ago, Baldcoot said:

Wait till season end the Fallow will be knocking you over they just know when they're safe .

That’s the same with everything when it comes to the end of it’s season, the amount of pheasants around the farm now is crazy because they know they are safe, well, apart from the one that keeps attacking the old girl, she ordered a hit on him ?

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Seeing as you were going out Stav I decided to have a look out too seeing as the weather wasnt too bad.I stalked up the side of a wood and glassed a doe but never presented a shot with a tree always covering the vitals. I waited and waited until it was joined by another doe which decided to couch up behind a tree. So I had no choice but to edge a couple of yards to my left , I then could see the doe couched but she was looking straight at me . I managed to get on the quads and neck shot her  . Saw 6 today including a clean 6 pointer ?



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This afternoon’s outing was a trip up to some land with Longshanx, getting there around 4pm we headed straight for a small wood at the top of a large field where deer were seen grazing yesterday, now this spot is not ideal as it’s very open getting to it. We got to where we thought they would come out into the sheltered area in front of the trees and sat down in the field and waited, after half an hour the plan was to go for a walk as nothing had showed, as I lifted from the ground and glassed along the trees I noticed a deer, then another 2, we were not close enough for a shot so it was hands and knees to the hedge back with the intention of walking along to get closer, the deer were very skittish and soon disappeared back into the wood. Taking advantage of this we made our way to the edge of the wood and waited, it wasn’t long before a buck appeared closely followed by 2 doe’s, now these were a long way off, after 10 minutes or so one of the doe’s presented a shot so longshanx took the shot, a clean miss, you could tell how far away they were as the deer didn’t even flinch, once they moved on we edged a little further forward, now starting to lose the light another mature doe came out onto the wheat field followed by a young doe, not able to get any closer longshanx took the mature doe first, No miss this time the animal dropped on the spot, reloading we wait for what seemed like an eternity for the young doe to present a shot, in reality it was a couple of minutes, this one too dropped on the spot, collecting the deer, the mature doe was 187 paces and the young one 170, both perfect shot placement, the young animal was a fantastic shot, it would not stand still and the second it did stop, down it went, so with both of them unzipped it was time to drag them out the field to a gateway where longshanx could get the motor to, once he walked the mile back to the farm to get it ? a quality afternoon out ?




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