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Back up at the shoot

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Had to make a start on the bucks too .    

Well our first shoot of the year went well. It was cold but dry and a bit of sun appeared. Bag was 122 head comprising of 57 duck 56 pheasant 7 partridge and 2 pigeon. My own contribution wa

It’s been frosty the last couple of mornings, it’s very welcome , hopefully it will kill a few bugs . Unfortunately the Maize and cover crops don’t like it and they will soon be unviable as a drive .

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31 minutes ago, Sausagedog said:

Yes sir, about 80yds.

Well done Sir. I took two more magpies & a carrion crow with mine today. 

Need to get out foxing asap

First pic yesterday 

2nd one today 😒



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First day over and although a very small day, with us only doing 2 main drives and not pushing one of them all the way and making up the rest of the day with small areas and a few bits of other drives it was a good day

1st drive we pushed what I know as the tip through, setting off from from the bottom of the field it wasn’t until we reached the tip that we started to see birds, they were doing what was expected and running towards the end of the drive, a few birds were dropped before we got to the last part of the drive, where we change direction a push it down, this is where the action started, having to stop the beaters on numerous occasions as the birds flushed in three’s and four’s at a good height over the guns. At the end of the drive one of the old boys came over to me and said “ thanks for that, I’ve been coming here about 20 years and I’ve never seen birds come out of a drive like that” that meant a lot to me

back to the yard for a sloe gin, bit of homemade sausage roll and a chunk of lemon drizzle 

drive number two, oak wood, now although we got a few out of here there was not the birds I was expecting, I later found out the bloody dog walkers had been through it, we finished that drive with the small block of wood next to the farm, now there was a lot of birds came out of this but many of them low, this is not a good one to beat as it’s so thick with brambles 

drive number 3, Gordon’s pen, now we didn’t push this all the way through as there was just to many birds in it, the guns that were stud down by the badger sets had some amazing birds over them, there’s no shame in missing these, there was still birds coming out of this drive when we finished

lunch time now

after lunch drive number 4, we now got a bit of the wet stuff but that wasn’t going to stop us having a go at next doors birds along the rape field, there was a good number along the trees but the shoot captain decided to push the rape through first, only pushing half a dozen or so towards the guns, once we started pushing the woods through some very nice birds came out, the guns that were standing on the forestry track the other side of the wood didn’t get much time for a shot as the cross between the trees 

Drive number 5, the final one of the day and my god, what a belter, this was the roadside drive, from the minute the drive started there was a few shots and as I explained to the beaters we’ll have to stop this drive as we go along because once we reach the trees it will go mental and mental it did go, the amount of birds that were coming from the bracken in all directions was amazing, as we finished and I met up with the shoot captain his first words to me were “ that’s what a woodland pheasant shoot drive should be like, people would pay a lot of money on a big estate for birds like that “

so everyone got some good shooting, as I’ve said before we have a very mixed bag of shooting abilities on this shoot and the good shots never shoot the first few days so the bird to shot ratio was never going to be good, birds picked was 38 with maybe half a dozen not picked, shots were well over 300 anywhere else this would be frowned upon but for me it’s the type of place where it just doesn’t matter as long as everyone enjoys themselves 👍






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