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Back up at the shoot

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Had to make a start on the bucks too .    

It’s been frosty the last couple of mornings, it’s very welcome , hopefully it will kill a few bugs . Unfortunately the Maize and cover crops don’t like it and they will soon be unviable as a drive .

Well our first shoot of the year went well. It was cold but dry and a bit of sun appeared. Bag was 122 head comprising of 57 duck 56 pheasant 7 partridge and 2 pigeon. My own contribution wa

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15 minutes ago, si brown said:

I sold one of me kids👍

Can you do that with your missus too?? I might be able to get some new wellies this winter!! (Only dunlops though!)

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2 hours ago, Stavross said:

🖕from proper Yorkshire stock me sunny Jim and the best Yorkshire, northyorkshire 😁

It's "SONNY Jim" you buffoon!

Standards man, STANDARDS! 😂

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3 hours ago, BenBhoy said:

Can you do that with your missus too?? I might be able to get some new wellies this winter!! (Only dunlops though!)

You are lucky, I’d get only one worn out flip flop for mine . 😢

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Well after foxing, stalking and pigeon shooting this week , yesterday evening it was the time to go rabbitting. Called up a permission for last hour before dark but most fields were high cover or barley. Anyway just wanted to show my face as haven't been for a few months and had a bit craic with the farmer. Didn't see many rabbits at all but managed a black one before dark , then a couple of hours after dark in a couple of grass fields and ended up with a few 😁



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Posted (edited)

A long time ago, when I used to go out with my sheep farmer mate “ Mosh “ with his dogs we had a spot that had a good few black rabbits on it, he would only lamp it with a clear light because he wouldn’t kill the black one because he thought it was bad luck , this is what listening to your p***y mates and their old wives tails does to you. I would go back up and shoot them when he wasn’t with me 😂

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Finally managed to get up to the shoot today to sort drinkers and feeders out, clear a couple of feed area’s and a few other little jobs, it was all hands on deck, me moving feeders about, my shoot captain cleaning the IBC’s out and filling them and the old girl moving stuff about with the load all, I am so far behind this year, the birds are due in 10 days and with a bit of luck all the combining will be finished by then. The lad informed me that we will not be selling days this year, which is a bit of a bugger and he could of told me sooner as I had a good few people lined up for them, luckily I’ve managed to get at least one day for people I’ve already told they can come. I’m looking forward to the birds arriving now and spending a bit more time up here again and fingers crossed for a full season with some quality shooting 👍





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3 minutes ago, FOXHUNTER said:

Busy busy 👍luckily it hasn't been raining much .

It just started when I left, the up side to the rain is it keeps the fly’s down, they were mental up there today 

I put a couple of drinking butts out today along with the camera, I normally do this in the spring but never got around to it this year, everything uses them so it’s a cracking way to see what’s about, there was a couple of fallow doe’s walking the edge of the oats about 20 yards from where I’ve set the camera so fingers crossed that a buck puts in an appearance 



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