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Amoxicillin dosage

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Vets are as guilty of overprescribing as some are of using it .Its a quick fix without addressing any underlying causes and most vets won’t refuse its use because it’s a quick earner .

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55 minutes ago, foxdropper said:

Ear drops are the way forward .Kill the cause ,kill the infection .The body is very good at dealing with infections ,we just don’t give it chance .

Anything to add Chid !!!!

I never said there wasn't better ways to treat a dogs ears ...

You said amoxicillin wasn't for ear infections when it can and is prescribed for ear infections ...


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And I explained why it wasn’t for ear infections which is more than any vet will do .

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Ffs, fella asked 3 months ago🙈get out and get some fresh air lads.... May Kill the boredom 😁

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Come on this is the terrier section.Surely everyone on here knows the forst thing you try ifor anything s a big old jab of penicillin 

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