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Terrier sales

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No different to what some of the so called legends of the terrier world were doing for many years.Cant see why people get so wound up about it.If it doesnt effect your dogs or what you do with them th

The poor c**t  has probably been sold on a rake of times. That’s why there better under the sod than facing a life of been passed on god knows how many times just my opinion.

the price of any pups have gone up with this lock down shit evryone is going crazy for them my mate had a litter of spaniels he usaly sells for 750 he put them up for 1400 at 3 weeks old and they all

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On 11/05/2020 at 10:20, Rat face said:

Shameful really but unfortunately a lot of dog lads now are openly peddling twats and they do it with no shame at all

Now?,its always gone on,the tinternet as given a broader scope for the peddlers to reach a wider ,dumber,richer and more feckwit  audience.

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On 12/05/2020 at 00:44, Aceofspades said:

A fool and his money are easily parted, springs to mind 😂😂

It boils my piss when a genuine sort attempts to get his mush in the frame and strives for a decent mutt to encourage him,or her,in their pursuit of working nirvana.The only chance they ever see is when some prostitute breeder throws another litter out and dresses them in all the finery of working heritage.The said genuine sort will happily part with their brass in an attempt to get their foot on the ladder,a ladder that is often only available to a few in the know.The majority of folk that pay for the service of the prostitute breeder deserve all they get,the few genuine souls that are duped i feel for.The sad reality is the fact now that genuine breeders are so scarce now that folk will toss a coin and risk a dollar.

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16 hours ago, Salford black dog said:

Hope the digging game don’t go that way work ur dogs hard and help mates out 👍

Think it already has mate in certain circles, lads throwing daft money at certain lines of terriers. We live i an age where money can be earned easily so a couple of grand for a terrier is nothing to some folk. 

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On ‎16‎/‎05‎/‎2020 at 10:18, keepdiggin said:

That dog dog should be no more then £150

I rang up about this dog, asked him id he would knock us 50 quid off wi me being a pensioner, he told me to fek off, cos I could flog that bugger fer at least £1500

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