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Troy and Misty

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Here misty and her pups enjoying abit of sun shine 

Out for a walk with my daughter and the pup ( He’s 11 weeks old now).

I'm still breathing matey, few too many old & knackered dogs but still we keep on keeping on Joe 😉

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8 hours ago, jacob evo said:

Fat boy Guinness 


Alot a coursing blood in them mate looking at the pedigrees 😉no wonder there tidy dogs 😆 young ones look well mate 👍 

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On 19/06/2021 at 12:18, fenman1# said:

How are ye getting on with the pups lads? Turned out nice looking runners.. Looking forward to seeing how they go this year.. Seen some great half brother half sister bred dogs and been double bred razor AMD what people have said about him luck should be on your side.. Hope they all make the grade.

Atb fenman

Mine has been an absolute pleasure to keep so far. Very loyal and biddable, taught himself to jump and clears anything he fancies, has retrieved what he’s caught so far. Long way to go, and we will see what he has in him, but he runs with a style that is fantastic to watch and has endless stamina. Although he looks racey, he is strongly built and has a head like a brick 😂 

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