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Problem wild hog

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13 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

What’s a razor back? A mature boar?

A razor back is a older boar usually yes ! If you look at his back up around his neck to lower back you can see a a line of stiff  hairs sticking up.  A razor back usually has more Russian in them than regular hogs so their usually more hot tempered and prone to charging. Most  dog hunters consider a larger razor back a great trophy 

Here's the other hog I shot compare to the razor back


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Wasnt 100% where to post this but since hogs are a pest animal for us guess i figired this would be proper lol. This guy has been Rooting up a good section of cow pasture as well as the neighbors

5 foot fcuking 1😂😂😂😂 I got tomato plants bigger than you 😂      that’s 3 cnuting midgets we got now ☹️ Doomed, that’s what we are, fcuking doomed 😂

In heels........😗

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10 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

They all in the midget section of xhamster😂

Lol dickhead...

Who was it who used to post loads of titty pic threads, before we all got told off 😂

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On 13/05/2020 at 02:29, jigsaw said:

looking forward to the next chapter,them pigs id love to have a go at...keep up the topic and ignore these freaks lol

Lol, well glad you guys are enjoying it. Seems eveyone has been having hog problems lately.  Got a call today that a lady has been having hogs tear up her back yard for the last three weeks or so, why people wait so long to call is beyond me but this is what it's looking like. According to her all this damage has been in the last two or three nights.  Judging from the tracks it's probably just a sow and piglets but a dropped some corn and the trail cam out to get a positive id. If this stuff keeps up I might have to look into getting a supressor for my gun lol. Either that or start welding up traps and ordering cable for snares.  I will say I wouldn't mind having one if those nice corral traps that sends pictures to your phone and lets you drop the doors while your sitting in bed but $7500 is A bit steep right now lol.


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On 19/05/2020 at 09:43, big napper said:

Nice one mate, great job youv got catching them, do you always shoot / trap them or do you have dogs aswell

Well not really a job lol for me lol more or less just side gigs, I usually don't even take payment usually.  But I don't have any hog dogs. Now don't get me wrong  dog hunting them suckers is fun but I honestly don't feel it's super effective as a control method seems eveytime I'm gone out with guys ( espically if I'm the only one with a gun as usual) you might catch one or two big ones but while your trying to hobble or kill that one you have 5-30 more running off,not to mention having 4-8 bay dogs and 1-3 catch dogs tends to get expensive, and that before you buy all the cut vests,tracking collars vet bills so on and so on.

Most of the guys who do paid control work are either trapping/snaring, ariel gunning from helicopters ,or shooting at night. Ine of the tip hog guys in the nation does mainly trapping a thermal shooting. Last time he posted about trapping here in my state he said he was running 38-40 traps over three counties . Each trap with a satellite trigger alarm.  So the second he gets an alarm that says a trap is down he goes and kills the hogs in the trap. Here one of his hauls after 24hr. Same guy tried to trap 1000 coyotes last season and in three months managed to rack up 928 if I remember correctly.


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13 hours ago, Ken's Deputy said:

Rendering plant material?

Actually from.my interesting there's not much commercial uses for wild hogs, somthing to do with FDA guide lines or somthing. How ever i do know there a place in texas that makes dog food of of them and there has been a couple of processing house ( small ones ) that process them into sausage to feed the homeless. Alot of guys who kill large number will also just give away whole hogs to who ever wants them. 

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