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Problem wild hog

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Wasnt 100% where to post this but since hogs are a pest animal for us guess i figired this would be proper lol. This guy has been Rooting up a good section of cow pasture as well as the neighbors

5 foot fcuking 1😂😂😂😂 I got tomato plants bigger than you 😂      that’s 3 cnuting midgets we got now ☹️ Doomed, that’s what we are, fcuking doomed 😂

In heels........😗

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1 hour ago, W. Katchum said:

5 foot fcuking 1😂😂😂😂 I got tomato plants bigger than you 😂 



that’s 3 cnuting midgets we got now ☹️ Doomed, that’s what we are, fcuking doomed 😂

jog my memory is it chid and shroom? 

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4 hours ago, Balaur said:

Good eating or dog meat this time of year?

Really depends on the individual animal here more than anything.  You can usually smell if their going to be good or not once you get within 5 or so yard of them.  For eating we usually target the sholts and sows . Noting other than the buzzards will even look at a musty old boar.

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5 hours ago, myersbg said:

Plenty of freezer meat there Wilddog well done to you


Thank you, just his hams,shoulders and straps brought close to 60lbs of meat,not to mention he's gonn a make a nice skull 

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Checked a feeder on the same property only about 900yd or so away for the last time where I killed the last hog at and got this guy on this one.

Looks like a slightly larger one and a razor back at that. Going to let him get used to this feeder for about a week or so and take him out.


If you want a size comparison that feeder he's sniffing is a five gallon bucket.

Also got called this morning a was told theirs two smaller ones in somones yard down the street half a mile or so. It's extremely thick there so I may just set a feeder and snare them once they get some trails made. I doubt I'll be able to shoot both of them in all that brush

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13 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

What’s a razor back? A mature boar?

A razor back is a older boar usually yes ! If you look at his back up around his neck to lower back you can see a a line of stiff  hairs sticking up.  A razor back usually has more Russian in them than regular hogs so their usually more hot tempered and prone to charging. Most  dog hunters consider a larger razor back a great trophy 

Here's the other hog I shot compare to the razor back


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