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£50 notes shed find and refurb

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On 10/05/2020 at 19:49, bunny bandit said:

I have two Raider 2 shots and think there brilliant, so accurate!  Brilliant work bigmac that will make a good rifle👍

This is the 4th one iv had BB accurate beyond belief

iv had most top rifles and then some and now back where i started

raider single shot 22 iv gone full circle spent 1000,s 

and ended up with a £50 rifle

rifle £50

Diesel £40 to go seek it

cost of refurbishment £20

total £110 

still a cheap pcp in my eyes


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Well i stripped it again the other day was not happy with it

its walnut and dont like to put tru oil on walnut yes it held back the sap or what ever was leaking out of the wood

but walnut has to be seen it looked more like beach .

So stripped it again and watched vids on weeping stocks and most sayd to use thinners or white spirits

i had industrial thinners so set about applying that with a cloth 

let it stand for a few moments then washed it off it held a hell of a lot at bay i then let it stand out in the sun for hours and kept going out to wipe off what was left of the sap or oil off it until none was coming out any more .

I then applied Balistarol oil to it the stock went dark very very dark SO set about washing all of it out with hot water so i thought

any way the stock when dry looked a funny color lol

so set about smoothing it all out now iv stripped this stock six times now and had a hell of a week with a lot going round in my head so it gave me some thing to do ,

I then let it stand over night ,,,,,Now this stock was dry sanded back and ready for oil in the morning

You could of knocked me for six when i got up to the stock the way it is in the pics

now it looks like it should be a stunning walnut stock .

There must of been some of the balistarol oil left in the stock and over night it must of came back out

any way its stunning and now looks the way i wanted it to look ,









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On 14/05/2020 at 09:19, philpot said:

Stunning Jimmy...................................simply stunning.


Just gave it a barrel clean

dont know how many years its stood in the shed

and she was off a bit the other night so thought she could do with one

as you can see by the rags the rifling is still good

very good in fact for a old rifle 







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