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Well been practicing quiet a bit with the new pult and new bands and been getting on realy well was hiting bottom of a coke can in couple hours time and now been hiting  a bottle cap 3/4 times out of 5 but only out to 30 ft had a Maggie at work that keeps mobbing the local goldfinches that are around here so at around 20 ft let it have one in the head with a 9.5  green gzk 


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1 hour ago, Mr Wilkes said:

Good going that ( bottle cap at 30ft), and nice kill with the Catty 👍🏼.

I’ve won a 10er at work today off couple the lads having £2 bets of best 3 shots lol then I tried to show off by trying to get it through the mouth opening of an oasis pop bottle hit the rim off the mouth opening sent the steel flying across car park and nearly took my mate out 🤭

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One thing I’m struggling with tho is when I miss I miss by a few inch , I use the same anchor point but some reason I get  one that flirts of couple inch to the sides , any suggestion why that could be ? My bands came loose at the pouch end so I have tied it with line with a constricted not , the other side is tied with wha5 looks to be clear materiel 

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10 minutes ago, Mr Wilkes said:

You tend to get fliers when you’re not releasing the pouch properly.

Yea that sounds [BANNED TEXT] , I’ve split my finger with I pinch the the ball with , my hands dry and crack and I don’t think I’ve helped them with the amount of practicing I’ve been doing so think I’m moving the ball away from the split causing the release to go a bit shoddy 

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