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Got the blighter......

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Well, I finally caught up with this crafty barsteward . After eluding me for weeks, this crafty ‘ratscal’’ eventually met its end under the chestnut tree near my poultry shed. I’ve been watching on my wildlife camera and this one, which I’m pretty sure is the last one of a fair few that were living under one of my sheds, wouldn’t go near a trap, no matter what bait I tried. It couldn’t however, resist a .25 milbro rhino in the bonce, after my wife spotted it and tipped me off. I quickly grabbed my old hatsan striker and that was my little hunting foray for today....😁


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1 hour ago, villaman said:

Probably many more to come I think 

nice shooting with .25 

Yerr, you know it vm, just got this one(with the .25 again, because I keep it handy).I checked my wildlife camera yesterday and sure enough.........


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