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Honey Bees

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That's assuming you can re use bricks, or if it's stone that's a whole new ball game. Would it need rendering? All I'm saying is dismantling a chimney isn't always a straightforward job, neither is rebuilding. Lead trays and flashing, pots,linings, cowls etc. 

The prices may be excessive if they've just got to break and replace a pot or two, but I wouldn't be too quick to judge unless you know exactly what the job will entail. A 2 day job can turn into a nightmare, particularly on old buildings.

I wouldn't take them on either btw.

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Get your prices UP. As long as you state clearly what you are doing and don't lie about the need to do it then charge what you can. 

I have just doubled a lot of my prices and have started turning down anything I don't fancy, so far it's paying off. Ask me again during a quiet month and I might say different mind 😂

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I've been removing bees ( and saving them ) for a few years, access is always a killer, but if they want rid they generally pay.

I did a tally last night, in 4 yrs i've done 96 removals. (and i'm a bee keeper)


That did surprise me........

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