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What was the last book you read?

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“Stealing fire”

Jumping between audible and kindle.....have to get a hard copy for future reference.


about getting into flow state and the experiments by navy seals Wall Street Silicon Valley etc with micro dosing phyciodelics 

Very very interesting only 3rd of the way in and hooked



love Wilbur Smith thought greatest author total loose my self into the pages of his writing 

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Conn igguldenn series about Genghis Kahn is quality.  Think first book is wolf of the plains there's 4 or 5 books in the series.  He has a series on Julius ceaser aswell that's good but not quite

It’s a very interesting subject and rewarding too if you are into that sort of thing mate. You build nature up not rip it too bits like modern factory farming. You restore the soil, you rest

I’d say some you fcukers got far too much time on ye hands, a fcuking book😀😂😂 

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Just thought I'd give this thread a bump.

Just finished this, grew up with this bloke on the telly before the New Order/Hacienda stuff.

Very interesting 8/10

Cheers, D.



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I'm not really one for football type books but this is supposedly true, about a copper undercover with Millwall hooligans. 

Really enjoyed the book but the ending just sort of fizzles out 


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The Autobiography of Daniel Mannix: My Life with All Creatures Great and Small eBook: Mannix, Daniel P: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

 Just started reading this remember the author's book as a youngun in Rotherham library that partly got me interested in hunting.

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