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What's happening in your garden.

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Ours is just starting to come to life  I've not done a great amount so far just a little tidying up 

The back gardens been a bit of a hole since the kids had rabbits and stuff been nice to finally get it sorted, doing it cottage garden style wild flowers and herbs etc with some fruit and veg her

This is my patch, been working from home for the last few weeks so the place is looking as nice as it ever has !

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2 minutes ago, sid g said:

not a lot mate this one was 25 quid on ebay  and its a crown devon one , Vintage Crown Devon Musical Tankard John Peel Hunting Huntsman

Oh well it was a car boot find fiver it was will keep it just the same quite a nice thing 👍

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1 hour ago, gnasher16 said:

That shed roof wont last 5 minutes.

Your kids will be betting their pocket money who can be first to swing straight onto the roof 😆

Don't worry Gnash, i've got broken glass and razor wire to go on it yet... 😎

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22 hours ago, sid g said:

what colour did you say  you were painting the back wall  mate 

I'm still a day in front of these pics.......

Proper Pike e coming from the builder merchants 😁

Cheers, D.




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20 hours ago, Carraghs Gem said:

We made this (hubs kit you buy online combined with Hazel poles from the woods)  the kids helped to forage the poles and to cut everything down to the right size and put it together 


Thats great Gem, keep us posted 👍

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