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Beddy greyhound

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39 minutes ago, gaza said:

Some nice dogs on this topic. 2nd to bottom pic looks a bigger version of mine...don’t mention the fences lol not moved in long and still in work for now. 


Get that fence painted it's a fecking disgrace 

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I owned a Beddy/whippet bitch,about21",a few decades ago now.I paid about £20 for it at 14 months of age and the lad was sick of it because it chased hard and would not strike.I spent a few months get

Lovely bitch Poxon. Think mines done in height now 23.5tts 10 months. 

My beddy lurcher 

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On 30/03/2020 at 12:48, poxon said:

Definitely mate 👍🏼I was just going off when I was looking for a real un to use over my bitch as stud about 4-5yr ago when you dug a little deeper in to dogs offered being bummed up on the Internet an nearly all were not as made out over the Internet just talked up dogs with owners that chat poo I found / was put on to 1 dog In my search for the holy grail just as I was about to give up after countless emails phone calls to various people over the space of just over a year that was a real good one with age an experience on its side but wasn’t at stud but with some negotiating I got to use the dog you may of remember mooch my little dummy spit out on the working bedlington group we’re I was saying what kind of group is this everyone were all for breeding anything beddy bred to promote the bedlington but in reality most were not up to much. I don’t know about now but wouldn’t think much as changed in the bedlington greyhound world a real decent bedlington greyhound that’s more than a tested rabbit dog regular is like finding a needle in a hay stack if ya find a real decent one use it I say it’s a shame really it’s the money that’s ruining the cross 

People breeding litter after litter of bedy whippets for ££££ are ruining a good type ,they have no interest of how dogs work or the pups welfare .

you could say there's s@hit in all types of lurchers no matter the x .its not just the bedy x that as shit owners .

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2 hours ago, nothernlite said:

Smart mate is that the one with collie greyhound in her 

Cheers northern 👍🏼Yes mate the grand dam was line collie greyhound deerhound greyhound whippet greyhound she was bred to a f1 bedlington greyhound couple of the pups from this litter were dna tested the test come back as beddy whippet greyhound no signs of collie an deerhound in the dna testing but I guess the base blood was bred out as there was 2 close bred lines done side by side there was a lot of greyhound an none ped in there added the collie an deerhound blood was added in 1986 -1988 the the sire to this bitch is very similar bred but with more beddy in him he was just over half beddy bred......no more collie will be added to this type 

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