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Beddy greyhound

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1 hour ago, nothernlite said:

Cash bruce is going over a irish terrier x greyhound this week but might no happen with this lockdown boys coming up from durham hes went over my we beddy cross as well but would rather wait till there born got 6 homes already so just need to see what happens mate 

what kida size is the bitcj your puttimg bruce over davey?


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I owned a Beddy/whippet bitch,about21",a few decades ago now.I paid about £20 for it at 14 months of age and the lad was sick of it because it chased hard and would not strike.I spent a few months get

Lovely bitch Poxon. Think mines done in height now 23.5tts 10 months. 

My beddy lurcher 

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3 hours ago, nothernlite said:

No put him over my we bitch will have one from that just hope they make it up but no looking good 

I wouldn't risk it with what's going on but hopefully he gets the chance to line her 

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21 hours ago, CA$H 91 said:

Was just wondering if there any litters coming up of beddy greyhound or something along them lines it's just for my dad he likes one he been hinting on for me to get him one for a bit now so if any one noses out would be well appreciated for any info thanks 

I pm you 

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