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Ward type dogs

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A few years back got a call from a farmer middle of summer requesting attendance to deal with a mink problem that he was having. Called my hunting partner with the intention of going up with what was available, a Russell dog and bitch of mine and a Russell dog of his. He said a work mate had a young Ward bred dog and had been asking to come out and this would an ideal introduction for it.

I was expecting a classy red Lakeland. Turned out to be a lump of a dog resembling a small(ish) black Stafford. The lad assured me that it was from GW. Whether it was or not I have no idea.

The day was a disaster. Terriers found and attempted to hunt everything but mink and my Russell dog and the black one took an instant dislike to each other. Farmer was not impressed.

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This is my mates stuff which he satiated out with Middleton stuff then bred these for at least 20 odd years now.This is is own stuff now he shows and works them but he will tell you himself that his black ones are just lakies now but black



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On 26 March 2020 at 19:27, baker boy said:

He did knock some black stuff out later on but the 1s I seen were black versions of his other stuff, smart lakie types

I had some black stuff from him early 90s real smart lookers and decent grafters too  did a mating from two unrelated black dog and bitch from him and all the pups were a deep mahogany red real good jackets and real lookers if they had any faults work wise they were bone hard useful in some situations but for regular work no spent a lot of time in sick bay I gifted two red pups to the lad who introduced me to graham and they were the same very reckless work style 

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