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what was the last film you watched

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Did you both enjoy it?  Cheers, D.

American Gangster. Netflix, 2 hours 30 mins. Can't believe I've never seen it before! Based on a true story of how a black dude (Denzil Washington) imports drugs from Asia during the Vietnam

Telly that puts your blood pressure through the roof ! I dont know about anyone else, but the couple of times I watched the baliff programme I was praying they were going to get beaten to death !

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19 minutes ago, Ken's Deputy said:

I honestly wouldn't bother, Gnips. It's utter carp 😐

'Legend' has blown it out of all proportion.


I was thinking of the series not the film version. I saw a trailer a while back that seemed decent but it could have been one of them where its only them clips which are decent and the rest is shite.

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Not a film but a BBC series (now on iplayer)


I watched it for the sole reason that Christopher Walken is in it, as he is probably my favorite actor alive today.

Set in Bristol, it's quirky and funny but has a gritty dark side.

I really enjoyed it.


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Mate said ''Watch 'NOBODY' ''. I said what's it about and he said ''Just watch it''. So I did and it was good. If you haven't seen it and don't know any thing about it give it a watch. It's by the same people that made 'John Wick'.


Trailer 2


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