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The hunting party!

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Nipped out to check how my guests were enjoying the banquet of pigeons I left them today.

As I turned the car into the farm drive I was met with a fox staring at me 100 yards away.

I eased out the vehicle, got my gear and slowly moved in.

With the NV I observed something amazing. It turns out one fox was up wind of two rabbits trying to push the rabbits to another fox down wind of them! Never seen it before and frankly I was very impressed. Oh yeah, I got on with the shot and as soon as the lamp struck the fox it was glued to my light, the prospect of it running at any moment soon ruined my composure. The reticle would not settle at all and the fox started to move off. I rushed a shot only for it to miss.

What a complete arse I muttered to myself as I tracked it's departure. I could of easily given up but chose to pursue in a leisurely fashion.  Crossing the river and some woodland I entered another baited field. There was nothing there but I started to traverse it all the same. It was as I turned a corner the NV found two glowing eyes looking my way. A fox, about 70yds!

No farting about this time! Feet position checked, rifle safety off, rifle up, lamp on, reticle settles on foxy's bib and whallop! Now why didn't I do that the first time!

A large Vixen thank goodness. I never saw the other fox again and think this one was the one I missed previously. In the distance I heard another fox screaming, it always does when ever it hears me shoot at night! It's kind of spooky.


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8 hours ago, dytkos said:

Nice fox, even got its own NV 😄

Cheers, D.

Yeah it must have been that cheeky smile that fooled it.

This gives me an idea, maybe you should purchase and wear this when out hunting:


Imagine the headlines.......

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2 minutes ago, cragman said:

Good shooting. That’s a big vixen. In cub? I haven’t been out, weather, as you know has been terrible 😳💦

She seemed to be in season still. She was heavy but it may of been the bait I left. Most of the bait was gone!

It started to rain again as I left the place.

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My word :  you do lay on a decent spread for your guests. What's on the menu ?  Foie gras with  brioch and canapapè  crackers to start.?  Look at the size of that blighter.!  A keeper that I knew used to paunch them out and many a time used to say,  "Look !"  "The b*****ds been eating my pheasants if you please" !!!  

There's one problem involved with the  Kiwis mask.  It needs a silver reflective disk dot right between the eyes. 😊

The verminous b*****d.

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5 hours ago, Sausagedog said:

She seemed to be in season still. She was heavy but it may of been the bait I left. Most of the bait was gone!

It started to rain again as I left the place.

Yeah, just about to finish my supper and some bloke turned up with a rifle, had to scarper😮

no bleddy gravy on it again 😕


did me a favour as it turned out, just got home and it started raining  😉

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