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Terrier work in the USA - Photos and Stories.

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12 hours ago, foxdropper said:

You back on the crack Steve ?

Just a attempt at humour, he's stood in chaps with a moustache and the pic made me chuckle when i thought i wonder what letter he is...No big deal and by the way, it was smack i took not crack..:rolleyes:...

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I will post some pictures good enough for public viewfrom this season.I will not reply to fighting or crying.The third picture down was in a rangy place.I located the bitch 200 yards from entrance wit

Barn Hunting with a group of friends in Iowa February 2001. Racoons are widely regarded as pests and do a considerable amount of damage. They damage farmer's crops and get into barns where t

I jumped out of bed at 3am to get ready to go explore a swamp I'm only allowed to hunt in Sept.Because of this there is a bunch of yearling coons there.Perfect for a pup to start the season.I released

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I received a call from a farmer who's got trouble with beaver flooding his cotton field.He asked me to take a look.Its a small swamp but I took a few pictures.Theres a terrier in this first picture.


This 6 foot black racer snake(nonpoisonous)wrapped around my leg so I killed him.Normally I wouldn't kill one of these as they eat smaller poisonous snakes.But when a 6 foot snake is wrapped around your leg it's hard to think clearly.



Only found two sets but a coon bolted from one.


A few clips of beaver behavior.When a beaver bolts into shallow water he will try to appear like a log until he can get to deeper water.


After reaching deeper water he will pop his tail on top of the water as a warning to the other beaver.





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Beaver are vegetarian prey animals.They will always try to bolt.I do have a few sets where they won't bolt.I have seen two different first season bitches get drug across the river.I have never had a terrier to drown while hunting.If you read the old otter hunting books you will notice most terriers died from the hounds.I think it just depends on what your accustomed to as when I watch y'all's ratting videos Im a nervous wreck watching the dogs around moving heavy machinery.Beaver build the sets then otter and coon move in with them.So if I can locate beaver then I will find other quarry also.Coon are more dangerous in the water.But can be dealt with.Terriers are smart enough to adapt and overcome in my opinion.



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