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Terrier work in the USA - Photos and Stories.

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I received a call from a farmer who's got trouble with beaver flooding his cotton field.He asked me to take a look.Its a small swamp but I took a few pictures.Theres a terrier in this first picture.

I will post some pictures good enough for public viewfrom this season.I will not reply to fighting or crying.The third picture down was in a rangy place.I located the bitch 200 yards from entrance wit

Barn Hunting with a group of friends in Iowa February 2001. Racoons are widely regarded as pests and do a considerable amount of damage. They damage farmer's crops and get into barns where t

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We have had a cold snap here in Dixie so I  stopped working for a week to just chase terriers.I was told this morning it was colder in Alabama than in Alaska.I am stuck at home with a heavy frost on but everything of age needs a good rest.So if I can't dig might as well talk about it.



This little feller had  a birthday last week.When his father asked him what he wanted for his eighth birthday.He said he wanted to lamp coons in the rocks with me.He had a good time.

These rocks are movable.







A 10-12 lb  terrier is necessary to stop a coon in the white rocks shown below.Any bigger terrier will get stuck and the coon glides through these rocks like a fish in water.Some of these rockpiles go for a mile but not deep so it makes for an interesting race.You should keep terriers for the ground you dig.One man's trash is another man's treasure.And I will always treasure the good little ones.


20 lb coon in a spot I could barely fit my fist.12 lb bitch made it there and kept coon from leaving.


This second season 12lb bitch has been a joy to dig this season in very tight spots.



There's a bolted coon hiding in there.













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