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Terrier work in the USA - Photos and Stories.

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I received a call from a farmer who's got trouble with beaver flooding his cotton field.He asked me to take a look.Its a small swamp but I took a few pictures.Theres a terrier in this first picture.

I will post some pictures good enough for public viewfrom this season.I will not reply to fighting or crying.The third picture down was in a rangy place.I located the bitch 200 yards from entrance wit

Barn Hunting with a group of friends in Iowa February 2001. Racoons are widely regarded as pests and do a considerable amount of damage. They damage farmer's crops and get into barns where t

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1 hour ago, BrandonDGPT said:

Shes 6 generations down from breaye blood, line has been good best ive seen from nuttall stuff in america atleast, we had miner blood gripper blood, gripper was only line close to it but they were good dogs also, i dont no how many got to see gripper but the dog was tiny in person, my guess he was 11 lb 11 in, I went a lil far in that previous post as I have alot of respect for the uk dog men, but we went through so much junk and thousands of dollars getting pups, had to spend big money to get proven adult workers they didn't wanna part with, to get something worth 

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On 27/09/2020 at 06:37, Rickshaw swami said:




I spent the evening building me a spear that also is a walking stick.In my state it's legal to use spear for fox,beaver,groundhog,coyote and wild hogs.I hope to incorporate this tool with my pack.Does anyone have experience spear chunking with terriers? 

I'd want at least another 12" on that spearhead, if I was going anywhere near a boar;)

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6 hours ago, mushroom said:

I'd want at least another 12" on that spearhead, if I was going anywhere near a boar;)

This spear would be useless on hogs you're right.But If I used a spear for hogs I would be laughed at in Dixie  as traditionally we use a dip of snuff and two bare hands.Once you leg a few you quit carrying machetes sniper rifles and hand grenades 😉

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Few pics from recent outings 



If you look in the lightbeam it's a newborn gator.We thought we were lamping a coon.🙄


The Plummington lakeydale is coming along nicely.He only got one of these coons though the other two were dug with a 12 lb bitch in a tight spot.








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The crossbred terrier has done better than the first season blacken I bred 😏

 he was taking coons with little trouble so  I advanced him to bigger quarry.I entered him in a Sandy set I haven't checked in a few years but it's a favorite spot of beaver.Within a minute I heard a hiss similar to a mad goose.I knew it was a beaver.Knowing this set and the fact that the terrier was green I assumed it would get away.After about 10 minutes I heard the beaver coming out of the hole.The terrier was on the beavers back.The beaver was bucking and farting like a mule.The terrier was holding on with all four legs like a monkey screwing a football.I was laughing my ass off but managed to catch up to them and humanely dispatched the beaver.Think I'm renaming this terrier John Wayne 😂




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