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Terrier work in the USA - Photos and Stories.

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I will post some pictures good enough for public viewfrom this season.I will not reply to fighting or crying.The third picture down was in a rangy place.I located the bitch 200 yards from entrance wit

Barn Hunting with a group of friends in Iowa February 2001. Racoons are widely regarded as pests and do a considerable amount of damage. They damage farmer's crops and get into barns where t

I jumped out of bed at 3am to get ready to go explore a swamp I'm only allowed to hunt in Sept.Because of this there is a bunch of yearling coons there.Perfect for a pup to start the season.I released

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2 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

I keep thinking Tank that their black dogs just look like black Russel’s or plummers etc

Some look like my mate bitch she nuttall russel nuttall lakey can get in the smallest of places good in rock post-65098-0-33116100-1488835377_thumb.jpg

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2 minutes ago, baker boy said:

Million dollar question is why did you travel half way around the world to buy terriers that as a whole are known to be too big for the work over there

Wouldn’t make money off selling just Russel that look like they could do the work they need  them to do 


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1 minute ago, SheepChaser said:

Yer top photo, puppy face 

Looks very young Jay.... I think this guys a spoofer🤔he's fishy like stinky foo foo 💋.... I've not seen one dog he's posted that I would feed going on looks... If I was offered a dog like them I would be polite and decline.... I've got sturdier looking f***ing Jill ferrets mun👍

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28 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

How come there are so many experts on American terrier work..... that have never been.

Im genuinely curious.

Because I’d like to know more about it, what they require in a dog and why, how the quarry and places differ and stuff like that.


Shouting at people on the internet is boring and doesn’t achieve anything.

I’d be more then happy to carry on a serious conversation about the work i do or I’ve experienced with friends. It’s certainly a little different but fun work nonetheless 

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11 minutes ago, baker boy said:

Million dollar question is why did you travel half way around the world to buy terriers that as a whole are known to be too big for the work over there

Here we can pic and choose set sizes to some degree. If I work near water Which is where i do most of my hunting you will find larger sets. However here in the states many if not most people work groundhogs. This is often done on farm areas their sets will be MUCH smaller. For this kind of work you will need a much smaller dog 

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16 minutes ago, Mooching Celt said:

I think it's a bit late now to becoming on here trying to make friends.......everyone seems to have come to the conclusion you're a prick already

 Not making friends I’m just attempting to talk dogs. Nothing more

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35 minutes ago, tank34 said:

I'd have thought nuttall lines would of been better type terriers for work you do over there or small russells types ? Why the black dogs ?  Is there no line of terrier American bred over there that do the terrier work you do 

The other dogs never got my attention honestly. The ones I saw work were not gritty enough for my liken. I liked the way the Patterdales or fella worked more so Russell’s over here are a dime a dozen and most wouldn’t succeed where I hunt... would you not consider the nuttall dogs black ones? (I know there was Russell crossed into many of them)

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