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Fox numbers ireland ?

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1 hour ago, Dougal McGuire said:

last weeks victims good backs on them too. they were eating lot chickens


Another litter down, but they'll always be foxes as they say lol

Never seen a slim rifleman using thermal or night vision. Rifle and lamp is child's play, if your not getting decent numbers there's either no foxes or your a terrible rifleman. 

It has to be done at times, but it's certainly not hunting, it's just killing. 

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If only we could have shown people what they were encouraging when they wanted hunting banned- aif foxes could vote they would choose to keep hunting!!

Already have your picture Dougal.  

Was out walking local on Saturday afternoon and could hear a load of magpies making a racket..... Sat in the hedge and watched a big dog 🦊 eating someone's light Sussex hen😁, around 3:45 pm,lurcher wi

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2 hours ago, Dougal McGuire said:

last weeks victims good backs on them too. they were eating lot chickens


Bollocks you rifle lads have no field craft  with your latest gadgets and never know how to manage land or when to stop  your in it for a cock measuring contest and numbers and wouldn't know a decent dog if it bit you were is  the sport in what you do non and you shooters are the first to shit on dog lads yet you are worst because foxes don't have a chance 

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I would guess the only load you could fire is out your rifle I didn't bring your family in to it don't bring mine 😉 and a good wee worker out a couple of times a year I have seen plenty of those over the years what's up douggy I hit a raw nerve 

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19 hours ago, Dougal McGuire said:

obiviously an expert when you id them as cubs shot 2 days ago one them a day older than god ffs

No expert, just good old fashioned powers of deduction and logic. 

Knocking over an average litter size regularly night after night and in the same areas will obviously reduce numbers considerably. Really sad actually but not for the killer's out there


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On 21/01/2020 at 20:08, Dig-deep-draw-charlie said:

Nobody up here shoots them tho, few boys out with guns and hounds, cause can’t get the lurchers, each to their own. But a lot of hunting boys don’t go out and smash them, only ruining their sport, also as fellas who run cubs, then come December complain, there’s nothing about  or  what is about is lamp shy, nothing is given a chance,  A good example, we where out with a few boys couple of years back, showed them an earth, every year We would take a couple of foxes out of  it, that day we took a pair!  we went to go up a few months later, farmer stopped it all, he said they where at it 4 times a week!!  Ur only ruining ur own sport! I have a couple of rifles here,  recently purchased a thermal scope, was out 1 night, seen a fox as clear as day on the scope, it was clueless, couldn’t pull the trigger!  Like shooting fish in a barrel, no excitement of the hunt! And the fox stood no chance! 

More than you think shooting them day and night. 

I know a few different groups doing serious numbers on the lamp with just dogs lads killing double figures regularly.

Haven’t found as little to ground with a terrier from I can remember so they’re definitely on the decline.


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