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Clay shooting grounds in north Wales.

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The  Mrs wants to go on this zip line thingy in North Wales so we are going up and spending a few days up there being mad and lòoking round the area in July .  When I  go places  I try to fund somewhere to shoot if possible, like the other year I found a superb ground out on Crete and had a round there?  Bloody  nice blokes.  SO,  I'm  looking for any potential  shooting grounds.  What you got Welsh boys.

Ps.  a couple of years ago I  went with two of the son  in laws and their mates  up to Aberystwyth and we we t to the  mid Wales ground.  We absolutely loved it there and we all came out glowing.

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7 hours ago, greg64 said:

https://thebigshoot.co.uk/en/experience/shooting/clays/clay-pigeon-shooting/oExp-72_oCat-3_oAct-5     there is a range in Pwllheli for clays click on venues scroll down that's not far from where you will be staying

Thanks for that although in doesn'tlook like what I'm looking for.   That looks  like it's set for a complete beginner who hasn't got their own and wants to have a go with tuition thrown in. I'll have to contact them. What I reaĺy want is to just arrive and shoot, pay and go home like we did down at the mid wales

Ps. I just noticed basically.  From  £85 to shoot. It doesn't say how many clays or anything.  On that site there is a ground down this way that is quoted at £45 but you can walk in off the street and pay £16 for 25.clays.

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2 hours ago, Kevj said:

I don’t shoot but have been past Llandegla clay ground


Thanks for that one .  I googled it and it came up as Fauxdegla shooting ground. I've got months before we are in the area so I can ring the grounds.  Keep the suggestions coming boys even if you don't shoot. anywhere in Wales. Thanks

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