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Rabbit hunting

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I read thread this thread when it started and thought you've been getting some good detailed advice so there was nothing l could add. Then l remembered what it was like when l had my first air ri

Not really, you would be better off using pellets.

Daniel hi. My apologies for the delay in catching up as I've been out of circulation with a health issue these last months. And thank you to Phil, Bigmac and Mark and all the lads who say such kind th

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43 minutes ago, Rabbiter12...2 said:

Meters or yards?

yards is American but with shooting most people say yards


Yards is British  and most who uses yards are normally a certain age 

I work with both , imperial and metric at work and even have plans still in imperial 

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On 14/01/2020 at 23:44, Furrosious ferreter said:

Good lad... 

I learnt on springers... and my mate went straight on with pcps.

He cant shoot a springer for toffee...

Mind you, he cant shoot a pcp either.

I'm still here ya know...😂

And I started with a Weihrauch Springer as you well know, so 😛

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3 hours ago, Rabbiter12...2 said:

I shot a rabbit with my uncle at Christmas. Am now tanning the hide.

any advice on breaking the leather?


There’s a section for tanning on here, sure the lads will help you out if you put a post up👍

edit... cocked link up


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If you mean breaking the leather as in making it softer. I use a small block of soft wood rubbed on it while wet. Then while watching tv just keep playing with it rolling it in your hands.

I stretch mine out first and pin the to a board then scrap the fleshy bits off with the back of a knife after a couple a days.

Then i mainly use them as dummy covers. My jrt loves them.


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