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Pups available here in Ireland

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There's a litter of saluki saturated pups here, bred by mate, from a dog I once owned and brought in from England, these dogs have had very few hares, but they've had an awful amount of everything els

Got these 2 back last night. Thanks to all concerned. Much appreciated 👍

3 pups still available, 2 previously gone to serious hare hunters, one other  to a sporting home for all round fun, the journey to collect is putting good lads off which is a pity as their worth the h

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5 hours ago, rob284 said:

They’re a cracking bunch of pups, the two pups posted there are very much like the father, he’s an impressive looking dog and a good temperament, suprised they haven’t been snatched up by now!

for the price they are which is almost nothing  ,its a slow job finding good homes for them ,,the sire is a right family dog that is a very determined hunting companion,the bitch is a bit more aloof with strangers(thats putting it mildly )lol...shes a fierce guard dog ,and living away from everyone in the sticks ,shes suspicious of everyone ,,i refuse to exit the car when shes loose ,and shes confirmed her hunting prowess over the years too,both dog and bitch have many talents 

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7 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

When you thinking bout going over? I watched a clip of a ferry pulling into harour in these storms an all I can say is don’t forget your water wings 🤯😂😂 id wait a week myself tbh 😳😂😂

😂14th march. I'm away till then. Hopefully settle be then

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