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Bought myself a pard 008 lrf and stuck it on mk1.a quick hour down farm and I have to admit the picture quality is outstanding. Very easy to use (says the dinasour)  only fired one magazine   but I can see the pard stopping on this rifle  for quite some time lads


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Yes, good kit billy. I see you’ve got a dovetail converter on the rapid, Ive been thinking about getting one myself, but the threads are buggered on the front ring mounting hole in the block. Needs drilling out and re-tapping and I’ve got enough projects atm. As it is, it’s been holding with araldite for about ten years now, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Enjoy your new pard fella👍

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use the same 008lrf billy... mint bit of kit, perfect for airgun work:good:

put mine on the impact and cranked the mount on mega tight, ive never had to re zero it since I set it up and for me thats unknown of. 

ive hit rats at nearly 90yrd with it hanging out the car window.. best nv unit ive used!

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