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It started with a squirrel!

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Took a walk this gloomy morning with the 22, mainly to shoot some more of that dodgy Remington ammo off!

Leisurely walking into the wind down the side of some scotch a squirrel broke cover, fortunately the ammo worked and my dog went and did her thing which usualy involves chewing and growling.

When she was done and came back without the squirrel I encouraged her to go and fetch it and to my amazement she did, ok not to hand or feet but never the less out of the cover.

It was when we resumed our walk that a pheasant up ahead started cocking up! A term I use to describe their alarm call.

Hmm I wondered have we just moved a fox!

We found the pheasant and it legged it.

Up ahead is an old fox calling stand I have had success with over the years but not recently so with the wind in my favour I thought I will make my way there and give it a whirl.

On the way I found a fresh paw print! Then my dog is scenting the air. She has a different demeanor when a fox is about and I picked up on it immediately. I next could hear wrens in thick cover doing their alarm call!

I slowly made my way to my stand, a little piece of high ground over looking scrubby heathland. I declined to cover my face this time being lazy and gave a good blow on my mouth caller. Nothing.

I blew again......nothing. After five minutes I blew again and immediately another pheasant started his alarm call, hello I though so I gave another toot and got ready.

Just 50yards in front of me was some thick bramble and as if like magic it produced this big fox. He slipped out of that bramble like a silk scarf through a wedding ring.

I half mounted the rifle moving very slowly, I say half moved because he heard the movement! I froze wishing I had put my face veil on but he somehow didn't see me and when he looked away I completed mounting the rifle. Again he heard my movement but now I was looking at him through my sights. I ignored his eyes locked onto me and let the reticle settle just behind his front leg.

Pop went the rifle, the fox immediately arches his back and leaps towards me and then run to my right. I hastly give chase with 22's, every one missing, I am such a lousy shot on running targets with a rifle but by now my dog has seen it and is flying towards its last position as it runs over a ridge.

All the excitement over I reload walking after my dog inclining my ear ever hopeful my dog gives voice. She does give voice, that's good news. When I get there it's a done deal. Big fox too.



The poor Remington ammo zipped across its ribs perfectly. It was dead, just didn't know it.

Ironically I shot about eight rounds at this fox but only loaded ten. Shot one was the squirrel, then Charlie and shot ten was another squirrel and that was a popper and fail to cycle shot!

Oh well, at least I have had some money back value from them now.


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