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Just putting feelers out

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1 hour ago, tank34 said:

Do hear what your saying but some of us keep our self to our self don't know many in the game so finding pups is very hard , I wanted a beddy type looked for years got knocked back or did not like want was told , two lads gave me a chance got a pup still keep in touch with lads  , you hear more story's of good friend mates getting pups for free an selling em on , man's willing to pay an travel hope someone give lad a chance an gets a pup some of us still stick to our word 👍

Yea I hear ya, and not trying to knock ya lad. Was just pointing out why most won't chance being associated with someone they don't know and therefore don't trust. It's hard for anyone new to the game for sure, but there are reasons why lads with good breeding don't get involved with people they don't know. Anyway, hope you succeed in your endeavour👍

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