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Bushing Border Collies.

Allan P

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On 18/01/2020 at 18:29, SheepChaser said:

What would be interesting is if you decided to breed a line of collies especially for it and had enough folk willing to test them a bit etc 

Ive a young border  x welsh collie bitch here, who I will try to find a photo of, but she doesn’t look like a collie, she’s pretty small, prick eared, black as the night with a little white blaze and grey socks. Strong but slinky if that makes sense.

Started her on sheep and straight off the lead as a pup all she wants to do is chase, grab and hold on, she’s slowly learning manners but I think she’s too hard for sheep work. Fearless with cattle so will probably go that way. Her mum was my best catching bitch, a big rough coated thing which would run into a mob of 1500 ewes and pull down the one you pointed out, she could stop a 100 kilo ram. The sire was a welsh collie off the moors in Devon who spent his days wrangling hill sheep and lots of hill bullocks and cows. 

Anyway, I digress. The bitch wants to kill everything smaller than her, she’s a wanker with chickens etc, kills rats, hunts everything. I do wonder if I should just sack off the herding and move her over to the hunting team and try to bring it out in a more organised fashion. 

Throw a pic up of the bitch mate 👍

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On 09/12/2019 at 16:57, Allan P said:

Anyone working a full Border Collie for bushing rabbits. If so how useful are they to have around?

I had a collie bitch that was rescued......it had a litter of pups at ten months old. Anyway it took to hunting like you wouldn’t believe. She was lightly built, small and a natural scrounger. I ferreted, lamped and hunted with her in the day time. She was a top notch bushing bitch......couldn’t move as quick through bramble as my small jacks could, but she would crawl on her belly if needed. She developed her own style of hunting, in certain cases it almost seemed like she knew where she wanted to push the rabbit out to. Negatives I can think of.........bramble stuck to her tail and she was prone to just fly off hunting up sometimes and forget I existed. Her scrounging was her failing as the vet reckoned she’d eaten something that had been laced with poison.

I wouldn’t get one for daytime work personally ....and I love collies. I think it’s a bit of a gamble as some collies don’t seem to have that natural daytime hunting drive to seek the game if it’s thin on the ground. I would sooner have a springer x or springer x collie, or in my case my springer x lurcher.

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On 16/02/2020 at 13:44, reddog70 said:

With having some more ground now for bushing

Have high hopes for my new little tyke

 Border collie x bedlington pup


If it anything like the terrier x collie I bred you’ll have some fun mate 👍

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Sounds good mate🙂

Was lucky there were just 2 dog pups in the litter and being a cross I've always fancied trying struck while the iron hot! 

He's fitting in well with the rest of the team now

When hes not hanging off there ears🙂

Can't wait to get him out 


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