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This pic is what rabbiting is about for me. Was supposed to clear a load of bunnies off but my two kids have been giving it the biggun saying those two would catch more bunnies than me and my Mrs going out for an hour with a long net each.

My daughter is the best rabbiting partner I have ever had she has been out everywhere with me from a very young age so she knows her stuff but on the other hand my Mrs means well but always manages to mess stuff up lol so we are having a little wager so whoever catches the most bunnies in an hour so if the kids win they get 50 quid each but if we win we take a tenner off them each.  It's lovely getting all your family involved we all know about getting everything just right and we are taking a thermal with us. Bloody brilliant 

Will post who wins tomorrow ?


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Had a right bloody night. Got to a decent place and started running the net out but had borrowed it to a mate of mine as it is just a spare one as the kids had my 100yd one but the idiot had put it away with loads of sticks and twigs etc in it so had to put all net back away to try and not spook the bunnies so went to another field to run it out and clear it and put away properly. Was my fault as should have checked it but it was just a spur of the moment fun thing with the kids.

Went back to the field as there were still a few bunnies out and then about 50 cows turned up my mate normally has them in another field but the gate between the fields was open so they just all wandered through and then stood there knocking my net and mooing really loud about 5ft away. So packed net away again and went to a completely different field but as I started to run the net out it started with torrential rain so in an hour me and the Mrs got zero bunnies then the kids walked round the corner with 8 lol fair play to them.  They were there straight away asking for their winnings. Me and the Mrs stopped out until about 3am this morning and got plenty which made up for it.

We are all going sea fishing just off the beach tonight nice and chilled out. 



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Got a few days off work so just fitting in as much rabbiting and sea fishing as I can. Where we are going tonight there is a concrete wall that probably breaks the waves up the 3 times that we have been there it's mental just bite after bite last time I actually wanted to catch something other than sea bass they just seem to love it there but if you just move 40 to 50yds up the beach it's a completely different story as went there the first time and had 2 or 3 rods out and hardly got a knock lol. The only catch is you do get the slightly better fish as soon as you hit them you have to turn them quick as they are clever buggers and whizz round the end of the sea wall about 80yds out and then they're gone.

Got a feeling tonight our luck might run out as water is colder.and and maybe not as much about.

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We are happy catching anything. But trying to catch one of each fish on a list my Mrs has. Never caught a cod or codling. Or skate.as newish to sea fishing. But we seem to do ok as done many years coarse fishing in the past.

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3 hours ago, Furrosious ferreter said:

Not sure where your fishing... but you said down there, so if south coast try lug worm, peeler crab and mackral all on the same hook bait banded together...

I use a 2 hook rig for skate with a 4-6 inch bait but have caught other fish using this rig.

TA fishing on you tube have some good videos... worth a watch


Cheers for the advice will take it on board. Was going to go earlier before it got dark and have a mess about on the beach with the kids but it's been chucking it down. Just been and got a few lob worms as i.ve never tried.them in the sea before we are just off now 

Here is a pic of my little lad with his rag worm which my Mrs got earlier from the shop. Normally where we are off to have been using a strip of fresh mackerel and seem to do good on it ?


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