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While the cats away

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Haven’t been out in a while as life’s been hectic but I got a call from my mate who lives on a farm asking if I could go up and sort a few jobs out for him so I put the HW100 in the boot on the off chance I could get a few pigeons whilst I was up there. No such luck with the pigeons but while I was there his neighbour approached me and said that there were a few squirrels knocking about the beech trees at the edge of his land in a small corpse of woods and it would be ok to knock a few off if I saw any. Needless to say I didn’t need a second invitation so off I went for a few hours and a scout about, well he was spot on right and within a few minutes of getting set up the action started. Took 7 altogether with clean head shots all at about 25/40 yds but could only get to 3 of them to retrieve as the brush under the trees was heavy thorn. Missed a few shots as well so there’s a chance I might get another go at them next time I’m up that way and hopefully next time get a few pigeons as well 😂👍. HW100ks  177 with JSB 4.52

Regards Chris.



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