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Management at work decided to get some one in to move pigeons as they crapping all over the place ,

they had air gun shooter in first and he shot one pigeon in a night at the cost of 700 , he had a touch I tell ya.

they now have a fella with a male Harris hawk come in couple times a week to move them ,

he flys him heavy for some reason as he said he don't want him to kill pigeon but scare them lol 

he moves them out one door and they back in the other ,

if he flew him at hunting weight surely it be better as it would kill them and what's dead ain't coming back , work just wants them gone so I don't understand why he messing about but he's going to try get as much ££££ as poss and as many visits but management soon see pigeons not going and he won't get called again .

he came across as nice anufe fella and he flys several kinds of hawks .maybe that's how to move vermin by hawk buy dead vermin ain't coming back .



boss won't let me shoot the vermin as we have to many two legged ones that shouldn't be here and he worries he won't have any work force left lol 


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