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Couple pics from day out


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Definitely, she had hot acouple hares befor she had managed to bind to the head if they hit head it’s not to bad but still have to get there to make sure hares back feet don’t hit bird as they can break bones and rip skin open , as for geese there a pain in the arse you have try get the wings and get them under control then dispatch strait away , geese isn’t a quarry I’d go for but once birds off fist it’s up to them what they grab hold of , 

if hares are main quarry then a eagle or female red tail would probably be better suited but my bird for some reason thinks it’s a golden eagle lol 

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Couple more pics from last couple days  this years harris hawk first hare chuffed to bits 

Couple pics from other day Male and female    males 4 year  1lb 7  first pheasant , missed two cock pheasants and managed to get hen  , wasn’t greatest flight but was nice to see, taken from

Another couple tonight on lamp got out just befor rain set in cracking flight on one cast off fist flew in to wind used wind raised up high then dropped like a stone 

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18 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Never knew geese could be taken what's biggest thing you know of that's been caught? 

One day several years ago now I was out with a mate flying his young female Harris when she bound to a huge black cat high up in a scots pine tree, they came hurtling down straight towards me I dived out the way and they parted company as they hit the ground about six foot beside me. About half an hour later she was sitting in a tree marking something down in thick bramble, forty feet or so down the banking in front of us. As we were beating the cover she crashed in and bound to something it started bellowing and crashing through the cover and started to bounce off a few nearby trees as it was running trying to shake off the hawk which had bound to its head right between its antlers. It was a huge Fallow buck, she eventually got flung off and the buck made its escape. Obviously from her vantage point she probably just saw its head and ears twitching and thought it was legitimate quarry, lol.

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29 minutes ago, foxdropper said:

Mates red tail female had a fox some years ago .Was a bit messy but taken all the same .

Herd of Harris hawks hitting fox , hope mine doesn’t try that lol it would be eventful to say the least 😂

them red tails can be mental my mate seen some horror story’s involving red tails lol 

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Had couple flights today out window (car was stoped and not running so still legal ) had couple close calls ending with a foot full pheasant tail feathers had decent slip but missed them female turned in to headge and grabbed what I thought was just grass wich she occasionally does with been young bird tried call her back as unfortunately the field was cross from the gamekeepers house who doesn’t like me even when I’m on permission but when got there she was holding on to a nice cock bird so moved of somewhere quiet to feed her up as not flying for couple days 


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