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Thanks THL - Pips First rabbit

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4 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Well done pal, the first of many ?

Hope so pal. Honestly blown me away today the pup. If you had seen it you wouldn't think it's her first run, she looked like a dog that had been on it years. 

I know it's 1 run, 1 rabbit and I may be getting carried away but that's my prerogative and I'm still buzzin from it so I'm enjoying the moment!!!?

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32 minutes ago, Blackmag said:

Well done on the pup first marking up and then the catch and retrieve she's a nice type her i might have missed it but how's she bred buddy 

1/2Grey, 3/8Whip, 1/8Beddy.

I spent quite a while looking for what I wanted and ended up going to South Wales for her. There's a thread 'she's finally here' with other pup pics on.?

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5 minutes ago, TAXI DRIVER said:

Nice one mate. What's your next plans for her? I like getting pups out on the lamp for some easy catches when conditions are right once I feel they can catch.

My plan is only ferreting with her this winter. She's still only 6months so not fully grown yet and don't want to do her any damage working her to much. Probably get her on the lamp back end of next summer early autumn when there's some easy ones about.....thats the plan but let's see!

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