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The Election

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Whoever wins this election we are headed for a massive recession in the next 1-3 years. We are already in massive huge debt and whatever happens with brexit (bo Jo’s deal or Corbyn doing god knows what) it will cause the economy to stagnate for a while as businesses work out what course to take, you then factor in that whoever wins it can’t wait to crack open the money taps and pour billions of money we don’t have into everything from dental care to railways and we are just storing up massive problems for ourselves as country. Red Jez seems to want to make everything free in the country if he wins the election...all expect being successful and standing on your own two feet that it is! If you make the whole country poor and reliant on the state they will have to keep voting communist opps I mean labour! Having said that the conservatives are desperately trying to buy labour votes with some pretty irresponsible spending pledges of their own...fiscal responsibility seems to have left the governing class completely. Worrying, very worrying. Next 5-10 years could be tough in this country, I hope I am wrong but I somehow doubt it. 

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