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Ferret stuck 16ft down

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Best news ever! Girl at stables checked where I left her box and she was sat at the side of it waiting! No collar but just so happy to get her back. Best feeling in the world!        

Glad she's back. IMO you didn't give up you kept going back and the reward was getting her back. I Know a lot of guys don't agree, but a 16' dig is a dangerous dig if you have no groundwork exper

Janine, you shouldn't wish such shit on folks.... You asked for advice and was given it....maybe  Not what you wanted to hear... lots of folks on here are very passionate about the stock they keep...

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10 hours ago, janine said:

No sight of her and for you lot that are saying I should give up the game! you don't know me!  I didn't just think sod it, it's just a ferret and walk a way, I dug down to five foot in desperation, and it wasn't at all easy to dig! and thought what the chuff am I doing! I'd never dig to 16ft. Sat there for hours wondering what to do, hoping she may appear.

 The warrens are located under trees and then raises up a steep bank, the locator was picking up the 16ft on the bank. I did look into hiring a mini digger but then I would have needed somebody to operate the digger and the owners of the horses would not have appreciated me digging that size of that hole in their horse paddock!  the idea of me ferreting was to stop holes.

I'll have to live with the fact my ferret may have been stuck down that hole 16ft down and I couldn't get her but I know I don't put the collars on tight enough, so I think it's the collar down there and she is somewhere,  but you lot who say I needed to have dug need to get a tape measure out and see how far 16ft is!



Next time my pal takes his terrier out and has to dig to her ,I tell him to leave it as tooo deep lmao 

Plenty lads on here or f b would help with a dig ,

collar should go on tight so they don't come off that's point in haven one !!


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If you can’t be arsed to dig deep break through roots or tackle rocks/boulders don’t put an animal to ground 

How you going to feel if it has come up an ends up squashed in road or killed for getting in a chicken pen??

people arnt having a go at you they are shocked someone would just leave an animal fate unknown !

In my opinion it’s no different to walking away and leaving a running dog in a field 

Doesn’t matter if it’s a £5 ferret or a couple hundred pound terrier /running dog !!

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On 09/10/2019 at 18:11, janine said:

Fingers crossed only been ferreting six years and she was my first ferret off a mate to get me started and this is the first time I've come home without a member of the team! 


so you have had the jill for 6 yrs.and she has worked well all that time for you.and given you many days of sport.

yet you see 16ft on the box.dig 5ft and say feck this and walk away to leave the jill to her fate...

i can't get my head around that at all...

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I had a feeling it would reappear they normally do, myself and some mates left a rat trap with some food and bedding for one we lost to ground next morning it was curled up asleep.

That was a silly double figures dig but we was going to get some railway tools to dig it out.


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She's covered in ticks and got fleas! Never had fleas on a ferret before, but not thin to say she's been out for a week, but I had left ferret biscuits down for her.  Still smiling. 😍

Thank you to all that gave me advice leaving my box, don't give up etc and to all the haters thinking I'm a heartless bitch I hope this happens to all  oh no thats because you've all dug down 16ft trenches so you've all got experience and will be fine! 

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Try and weigh up where you ferret as well. There is all ways a surprise waiting. But if it looks difficult weight it up. Glad she back you got lucky. All ways a worry when you take them out 

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Glad she's back. IMO you didn't give up you kept going back and the reward was getting her back.

I Know a lot of guys don't agree, but a 16' dig is a dangerous dig if you have no groundwork experience. Atb

Cheers Arry

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