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1 minute ago, chelsea said:

Read about it last week but its in paper again today 

yeah its top news here too,National Parks and Wildlife Service is starting to come down on anyone chasing the hare now .


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Been in England for a while and it has given the humble rabbit a fairly hard time I am afraid. The only solace I can offer is it doesn’t appear to be as devastating as mixi was when it first struck and (I hope I am not cursing it by saying it) but they seem to be developing some kind of immunity and in Australia after approx 10-15 years the virus has become fairly ineffective to the point the government released a new strain to try to keep the rising population under control. You may have a few tough seasons ahead of you though....for a few years after it became epidemic over here certain areas saw dramatic decline in numbers and many areas numbers are still very low indeed. Even hot spots like the dales seem to have seen numbers a lot lower, blokes still catching 30+ but before we’re getting 70+. Just my thoughts on it!

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