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    • By 'sully'
      The pup is growing away nicely.... The pup is 2nd gen first cross.. 4.5 months old 19" tts 

    • By Liamc
      I’ve got a collie/whippet X collie/greyhound with a touch of bull (apparently) she is thick set but only stands at around 22-23 tts she’s 3 years old I’m going to be putting a pure whippet on the back of her in the next few days has anyone got any pictures of a similar X 
    • By Maximus Ferret
      I have two mk1 boxes that need fixing. Does anyone know who still does this?
    • By callum104
      Just starting to get ready for my first season with the dog and it he started crying a lot for no apparent reason which then got a lot worse very quickly. He's currently on anti inflammatories and pain killers (prescribed by vet) and just waiting to see how if his condition changes this week. If not it's €500 for a CAT scan at a specialist to see what it is. 
      Vet says it's either a muscular injury or a hernia (somewhere in his neck). The other day he and the whippet decided to running jump off a 3m wall for some reason which may or may not be related (was fine for a few days after). 
      Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar and if their dog was able to recover 100%. Absolutely gutted, not nice seeing him in the state he's in at the moment. 

    • By Vicky Steadman
      Haven't been on here in ages, just thought I'd share a few recent pictures of my pup Simba as he approaching his 1st birthday, he's all stripped out for the summer and showing my plenty of promise of what's to come this season. He's just touching on 26tts now, bigger than I expected seeing as dam and sire were 24.5 and 24tts respectively. He's had a handful of rabbits on the lamp end of season to get an idea of what the game is about and has no trouble picking them up, he's already used his size to his advantage a couple of times and keeping the freezer full too. Really happy with him so far even if he's practically untrainable. He doesn't entertain retrieving yet but maybe he'll get the idea when the real work starts. 

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